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Rachel iLiL

HISTORY & beyond:


2021- NOW


2016- 2019 Assisted part time at the KAMO HEAD atelier for Katsuya Kamo.


2009- 2015 iLiL was a physical shop in Koenji’s KITAKORE building. A chaotic space with a wild following and collection of customers from Pharrell and G-Dragon to Courtney Love.


2008-2009 iLiL was born and existed as a nomadic shop starting out in a Nakameguro cafe alongside Kinfolk.


2006-2008 Select store CANDY, opening team member in charge of Art Direction, interior and overseas vintage buying. 


2005-2006 MEAT along with 2 friends organized the now infamous party. A gay mix, electro and new wave party held in the basement of Hanazono Shrine!


2002-2003 Backpacked to Japan alone by train and ship via Russia. Never looked back!

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